Today's Everyday Fashion: Outfit Fails

I love experimenting with fashion. But like with all experiments, results can vary and sometimes an attempt to re-create a look is a total fail (happens to the best of us!). I like to share all sides of my "fashion story" with you guys, including the fails, so here are 5 looks I would never let see the light of day and why. Do you think I made the right choices?

1. Marilyn Monroe called and she wants her sexy office look back. The fur, the purse, the tight skirt - it's all just a little too much at once. (Although, the model is pulling it off quite nicely!)

2. Attack of the gold space-age bubble butt. Unfortunately this skirt is a size too big for me, so it honestly looks pretty silly in person.

3. All I can think about are poor baby chinchillas when I look at this. Possibly because the sweater and faux fur are so similar in color? Love the J.Crew inspiration though.

4. I look like an American flag. No, really.

5. Meh. This is just a little too bland for me, and I like hers better. (Although I could pretty much wear anything with these shoes and be happy, I love 'em!)