Today's Everyday Fashion: Kate Moss

Oh Kate Moss, I absolutely love your style. I'm a sucker for a monochromatic pastel look, and this outfit is one of my favorites of hers. I didn't literally use it for inspiration like I've done in the past, but I do love both looks and think that her style may have snuck into my subconscious while I was creating my outfit. She has more of a blue tone going on, while mine is more pink/brown, but there are some similar qualities that I'm diggin'. Who are your style icons? (Besides Kate, I also love Jennifer Aniston and SJP.)

Left photo: InStyle
Shirt: Moda c/o MJR Sales, $24
Pants: Hwy Jeans c/o TJ Maxx, $18
Belt: Urban Outfitters, $20
Purse: Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx, $120
Shoes: Colin Stuart c/o MJR Sales, $17
Necklace: My Stella & Dot website, $136
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website, $49 and $59
Ring: My Stella & Dot website, $49

1. Heidi Klum for New Balance silk shirt, $45.57
2. Nordstrom silk shirt, $88
3. Victoria's Secret silk shirt, $69.50