Olsen Mania + 25% off StyleMint

Images via Pinterest

Is it just me, or are the Olsen twins all over Pinterest?! These are just a few images I've collected over the past couple weeks. Of course they are gorgeous, but I also think there there is something so fascinating about them! (Maybe because they are twins, or because they were famous at such a young age?)

Also in Olsen twin news, right now StyleMint is offering 25% off for new members. StyleMint, for those of you who missed my last post, is a members-only website that gives you exclusive access to t-shirts that were designed by the Olsen twins for only $29.99 each + free shipping. Just use coupon code JSSTYLE for 25% off your first t-shirt; expires 10 days from now! Check out some of my favorite StyleMint styles below - which one is your favorite?

ps. This is a sponsored post. However, all words, opinions and image collages are my own!