Today's Everyday Fashion: SXSW Recap

How I planned to wear it

As you guys know, I recently embarked on a crazy 8-day adventure to Austin, TX. I got to do some amazing, cool stuff. Here are some highlights and a recap of what I wore!

Dress: Forever 21, $20 (similarsimilar)
Scarf: c/o Happy Scarf, $24
Belt: Gap, $10
Boots: Grifter c/o Chinese Laundry, $149
Sandals: Diba from Nordstrom Rack, $40
Leather jacket: Banana Republic, $150
Cardigan: Gap, $18
Purse: Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx, $120
Rings: LOFT pink stone ring $11, My Stella & Dot website $49
Watch: Michael Kors, family gift
Bracelets: My Stella & Dot website, $59 and My Stella & Dot website $49

How I actually wore it

TxSC panel

1. Speaking at Texas Style Council. First let's talk about my favorite outfit of the week, this mint number above. When Indiana learned that I was going to be in Austin for SXSW, she asked me to be on a panel at TxSC on "blogging lessons learned." I didn't pack the ideal outfit to wear to a fashion blogging conference (I was already on the road when we scheduled it) so while I love this outfit in general, I definitely would have chosen a pencil skirt or something dressy if given my whole closet to choose from! :-) I was beyond honored to be on the panel with Jen, Elizabeth, Kyla, and Molly and wish I could've attended more of this awesome conference with 200+ stylish women!

Outfit for day #2 of our roadtrip

Day #1 of our road trip - collecting art from the Orlando classroom

Visiting a classroom in Tallahassee

Team pit stop in New Orleans

2. Roadtrip with Chevy. Backing up a little - let's talk about how this whole trip got started! Chevy asked me to be a team captain for SXSW this year, meaning my team and I road-tripped in a (super-comfy) Tahoe from Florida to Austin and back - all to raise money for Adopt-A-Classroom. These are two of my roadtrip outfits above. The classroom visits to see the kids were the highlight of this trip! You can see more pictures on our team website here. We raised more than $1000 and I couldn't be more proud.

Chevy welcome party

What I wore day #2 of the conference

3. Attending SXSW. Beyond the road trip, Adopt-A-Classroom, and TxSC I also attended 2 days of SXSW, which is the largest social media conference in the US (more than 30,000 people attend). This was a total dream come true for a marketing nerd like me. (I gotta be honest, SXSW is way more up my alley than NY Fashion Week!!) When we got to Austin, we were treated like royalty by Chevy and got to attend tons of different events such as speakers and panels during the day, and parties and networking at night. (I also hung out with three of my sorority sisters who live in Austin - so fun catching up!) The weather was freezing cold and wet, so I lived in these boots. I wore the mint green dress outfit on Sunday, the above outfit above on Saturday, and on Friday I improvised an outfit with these boots (my only close-toe shoes) tucked into jeans, with an ivory top and the same leather jacket. (When I checked the weather before we left, it was vastly different than when we showed up 3 days later! So glad I brought a jacket and boots just in case!)

I'm exhausted and glad to be back! :-) Thanks to everyone who donated to Adopt-A-Classroom and followed our team journey!

(Photos are c/o of Jen and Meghann.)