Today's Everyday Fashion: Last Puzzle Piece

Sometimes adding one new item to your closet is like finding a missing key, or the last puzzle piece. Suddenly, you've got 20 new outfits to wear, just because you added one new thing to your closet! That often happens to me when I buy new shoes, and that was also the case with this striped shirt. I searched for one exactly like it for over a year, bought it a few weeks ago, and this is already my third outfit (see the other two here and here). It's that missing "piece" that makes everything work! What items have you added to your closet that made a huge difference?

Inspiration photo: Shopbop
Leather jacket: Banana Republic, $150
Shirt: H&M, $18 (similar)
Skirt: Express, $18
Belt: H&M, $5 (similar)
Shoes: c/o Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Purse: Calvin Klein from TJ Maxx, $120 (similar)
Earrings: Banana Republic, $10

1. Forever 21 pleated skirt, $15.80
2. Nordstrom pleated skirt, $49.90
3. Limited pleated skirt, $79.90 (40% off with code APRIL40)