My May Budget

1. Gap cobalt shorts, $28
2. Gap tribal shorts, $30
3. Limited pink jeans, $40
4. Love 21 silk dress, $33 (similarsimilar)
5. Forever 21 orange top, $12
6. H&M swimsuit, $20 (similarsimilar)
7. Nine West leather sandals, $60
8. Ann Taylor leather clutch, $30 (same pursesimilarsimilar)
9. H&M neon necklace, $4 (similar)
10. H&M leather belt, $18 (similar)
11. Forever 21 pink belt, $2 (similar)

Grand Total = $252*

I didn't actually go shopping this month. I did, however, manage to not make it out of the mall without buying something for myself! Between four trips to the mall for work (three personal shopping clients and a day of retail consulting), I scored all of these deals. The goals I set this month were pink jeans, colorful shorts and flat sandals, and I successfully crossed all three off my list!

1. I shared my secret of buying multiples in this post. I love my cobalt pencil skirt so much, I decided cobalt shorts were also a smart addition to my closet.
2. This print is bright neon in person, and I'm like a moth to a flame when it comes to neon. Gap also made these same exact shorts last summer and I have them in white and a navy print. I love the fit and fabric so much, I wanted more pairs this year!
3. So excited to finally have pink jeans. I originally wanted blush pink, but after getting lavender jeans, I went for a bright, neon pink (blush felt too similar to lavender). I used a coupon to get 50% off the full price in the store.
4. I've been buying tons of bright colors lately and this neutral dress felt like a welcome addition. It's also 100% silk, so for $33 it's a steal.
5. I have a similar blue top from F21 (it's the one I'm wearing in my profile pic) and love it, and this orange version is a glowing neon color in person... so I couldn't resist. ;-)
6. I have a H&M tribal bikini from 4 summers ago that is my absolute favorite. It's made it through three cruises, countless snorkeling and water sports, and is finally starting to show its age. This one is a very close replacement so I snapped it up!
7. My favorite brown sandals are dying. I can't wear them in public without feeling embarrassed, so I purchased these. I think they were worth the investment since I will be walking in them tons and wanted something with high-quality leather that provides plenty of comfort.
8. I put this on my wish list two months ago (per this post) and just happened to see it in the store on Wednesday, marked at 70% off. $30 for a beautiful leather clutch? Yes, please!
9. A neon beaded necklace to layer with other necklaces.
10. My favorite leather belt is almost 5 years old and it's marked up pretty bad. This one is really similar, and for real leather $18 is a great deal.
11. I've had my eye on a neon pink belt at Gap for ages but didn't want to spend that much. This one at F21 was a dead ringer and only $2, so I went for it.

Did you score any amazing deals this month? Anything on your wish list I can help you find?

*The total is $277, minus a $25 credit I had from returning this dress to Forever 21, which equals $252.