My June/July Budget

Here's a look at what I purchased in June. I ordered 1, 4 and 9 online, and the rest I scored here and there after shopping with clients (I always see items I want and then go back and scoop them up!). The items that were on my wish list include: anything print (top row), a mint cardigan, this exact colorblock skirt, and minimalist shoes. The other items (jewelry, the camel skirt, and jean shorts) were not planned, but were great prices and good choices for my closet. No coupons were used other than the Foursquare deal at American Eagle - check in, then show them your phone to get 15% off your purchase.

1. Limited graphic shirt, $32
2. H&M printed top, $25 (similar)
3. Francesca's Closet shirt, $23 (similar, similar)
4. Limited mint print, $22
5. H&M shoes, $35 (similar, similar)
6. H&M spike necklace, $13 (similar)
7. Banana turquoise cuff, $10
8. Limited camel pencil skirt, $20 (similar)
9. Limited colorblock skirt, $39
10. Limited mint cardigan, $18 (similar)
11. American Eagle shorts, $25
12. Not pictured: Banana turquoise ring, $5

= June $267

I decided to dip into my July budget early, while the sales are hot. The two best times of year to shop are after Christmas, and at the end of June (when the seasons switch) so I hit up the mall on Friday with my friend Ashley (the first time I have gone shopping for fun - not work - in months, loved it!). Everything I bought was on my wish list: prints/stripes, anything purple and I've been hunting for a mustard skirt for forever. No coupons were used other than the Gap shirts (bottom row), which were purchased together with a $20 reward (prices without the coupon would have been $19, $8 and $8). Everything else was purchased right off the rack! As I always say, prices are usually way better in stores than online so try to shop in stores if you can. What deals did you score this month? 

1. Limited watercolor top, $15
2. Limited streaks top, $15
3. Limited tribal top, $25
4. J.Crew purple shirt, $45
5. J.Crew mustard pencil, $45
6. Gap Ikat top, $9
7. Gap graphic tee, $3
8. Gap striped tee, $3

= July $160 (so far)

For more info on clothing budgets, please see my post "How to Set a Clothing Budget."