Shop My Closet with Threadflip!

Twenty-five items from my closet are now up for sale! Go here to shop them. I'm extra excited about this sale for two reasons:

1. I'm using Threadflip, an awesome new website where you can consign your clothes and shop amazing deals on gently used items.

2. All proceeds from this sale are going towards the fundraising I'm doing for Africa! (I'm headed to Sierra Leone with my church to serve in an orphanage for two weeks. Details here.)

So, let's talk about Threadflip. I've been asked many, many times to name a website where people can consign their clothes other than eBay and I never had an answer until now! Threadflip is an awesome (and prettier) alternative, and the experience reminds me a bit of Pinterest (see examples above). It is much like shopping at a boutique, only the prices are discounted and the clothing is brand-name. And if you decide to consign your clothes, Threadflip includes shipping in the price so once your item sells they send the shipping label and box for you to just drop in the mail. I love how easy they make it!! Check out my profile to shop the items I have up for sale, put your own items up for sale, or just to browse. Thanks for shopping!

This post is brought to you by Threadflip. The sponsorship fee + all proceeds from the sale of my items are benefitting children in Sierra Leone.