Today's Everyday Fashion: Guest Post

This is a guest post while J is away. Be sure to check out Alyson's blog, Crushing on Clothes!

In Seattle, summer doesn't exactly mean "HOT". It means occasionally sunny and about 73 on average. However most days, it seems to be overcast, and even rainy (ugh right?!) So since I can't always wear tons of adorable summer outfits, I often have to bring summer to the city with lots of bright color! I saw this outfit and KNEW I had to recreate it because of all the fun colors. The J Crew pants are honestly the most comfortable pants I own, and the jean jacket is mine from 1st grade! It obviously wasn't cropped back then, but it still works! Amazing, huh?! I just loved how there are so many bright colors, but they all work so well together. Don't be afraid of color this summer; just play around and have fun!

Source: OK Magazine (Jessica Alba out in Beverly Hills)
Jean Jacket: Levis, Mine from 1st GRADE! Seriously! :)
Tshirt: Nordstrom, $12
Scarf: Free People, $35
Jeans: J Crew: $80
Toms: Nordstrom, $50
Sunglasses: Target, $10
Handbag: Cambridge Satchel Company online: $150

1. Gap scarf, $19.99
2. Modcloth scarf, $24.99
3. Tilly's scarf, $7.99