August Shopping!

Target online order

My shopping advice usually goes something like this:
  • Browse online before you shop, to get an idea of what is in stores and to prioritize your shopping trip. 
  • Prices are generally way cheaper in retail stores than they are online though, so head to the mall and purchase things in person. (95% of what I buy is from the mall.)
Nowhere in my shopping advice do I say you should order a bunch of stuff online so you can try it on, and then return half of it. But that is what I did this weekend (*hangs head in shame*). Shipping was free, and I can easily return to both stores (Target and Old Navy). But I already know that I will return half the order, because the quality at both stores can be iffy and I anticipate feeling differently in person about some of the items. Not the best way to shop, but I'm baring my shopping soul today. Here's what I ordered:

Target Online Order
1. Mossimo woven shell, $14.99 - dying over the color!
2. The Webster ruffle tank, $12.48 - on clearance, and why I originally placed an order.
3. Merona pencil skirt, $22.99 - very cautious about the quality, interested to see it in person. I need a replacement for my H&M pencil skirt that is now a hot mess after one wash.
4. Merona striped skirt, $22.99 - love and plan to scope it out in the store (didn't buy it yet).
5. The Webster ruffle skirt, $14.98 - obsessed with the print, wanted to try both pieces.
6. Mossimo platform shoe, $10.49 - on clearance, and slightly out there but I love the color.

My grand total with a $5 coupon was $75.53.

Old Navy online order

Moving on to Old Navy. I received a 25% off coupon via email that expired that same night, I went to the website to browse, and wound up placing an order.

Old Navy Online Order
1. Orange shirt, $22.45 - love the color, but I'm already thinking of splurging for this silk version.
2. Striped shorts, $13.12 - I just died and went to stripes heaven.
3. Plaid shirt, $18.70 - I wear my blue version of this shirt to death, and plaid is a big trend for fall.
4-5. Striped dress, $14.95 - really hoping these dresses are as amazing in person, both would look great with sandals or with boots for fall.

My grand total was $90.03.

August wish list

After breaking down and cutting up my credit cards (j/k! I'm still within my budget), I also found these beauties online that I'm hoping to check out in person soon. 

On My Wish List
1. Express shirtdress, $69.90 - a white dress has eluded me thus far and the belt comes off this version.
2. Limited striped shirt, $24.90 - oh just check me into stripes rehab and get it over with.
3. Express sequin shirt, $39.90 - love the art deco thing Express has going on, also love this dress.
4. Gap trousers, $49.50 - planning to add some cropped trousers to my closet this fall.
5. American Eagle skinny jeans, $29.99 - a dark pair of destroyed denim is on my wish list.
6. American Eagle tie-dye, $39.99 - get out of town with your crazy tie-dye self! dying to try these on.
7. Target cords, $20 - I love the yellow color these come in, too.

So there you have it. What do you love, hate, and already wish I would return? What is on your wish list this month?

Update 8/30/12
I was disappointed with the colors of the Target items! The two skirts (blue + stripes) and the mint skinnies (last photo) were totally different colors than I expected them to be. The seafoam tank was gorgeous but an odd fit (XS was too small in the bust), and I loved the color of the shoes but they were showing too much toe (opening was too wide). I'm keeping the pink ruffle tank top but that is it! Two picks I loved in store (and bought) are these burgundy skinny jeans and yellow cords.

Old Navy
I wanted to love the striped dresses soooo bad! The blue + red color (see it here) was actually my favorite, but the fit was not good. XS was way too short, and S was baggy in the stomach area (not cute). The striped shorts are okay, a little more stretchy than I anticipated and summer is ending so I passed. Plaid shirt and orange shirt didn't knock my socks off so I will pass on those as well. Some items I loved in store (bought, not sure if I'm keeping) are this camel polka dot sweatertan striped top and denim jacket.

Wish List
The white dress is no longer in stores. I bought the Limited striped shirt. The Express sequin top was different in person. See here for my review of the Gap cropped pants. I passed on both of these American Eagle options, and bought these skinny jeans instead and love them!