Today's Everyday Fashion: Paper Dolls

In place of a regular outfit post today, I decided to pull these three outfit "flops" out for fun! I'm all for playing around in your closet to come up with new combinations, but the reality is that I can't always figure out how exactly to re-create something the first time around. (See this post: "If Fashion Mistakes are Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right") These are three outfits that were cute, but I wanted to go back and make changes to them to make them even better. Let's examine and see what things we want to change, shall we? (You can think of it like playing paper dolls!)

Outfit 1: The peplum in the inspiration photo is gorgeous! I like the top and skirt together in my outfit, but might ditch the yellow and red accessories for a simple black shoe and metallic necklace or earrings instead.

Outfit 2: My favorite of the three, and one of the first inspiration photos I ever saved (from J.Crew), I love the combination of the pea green cardigan and yellow necklace in my version. I like the outfit for a casual occasion but would switch to flat sandals or loafers and/or a darker brown belt.

Outfit 3: I love these three colors together, but J.Crew makes it look preppy while my look is way more of an '80s rockstar. Switching to a nude sandal or pump would help tone it down a lot.

So let's hear it - which outfit is your favorite or least favorite? What changes would you make to these looks?