Today's Everyday Fashion: Kauai Travel Tips

Here are a few more pictures and outfits from my trip to Kauai! And here are some quick travel tips for anyone wanting to visit:

- Kauai is by far the prettiest place I've ever been. An amazing mix of lush, green mountains and white sand beaches (there are 69 beaches on the island!). 
- Kauai is small, only about 500 square miles and a population of 65,000, and the one main road takes only 2-3 hours to drive from end to end. Most of the time we were the only people on the beach! 
- A huge portion of the island is only accessible by air or boat, including the famous Na Pali Coast and "Jurassic Falls" (waterfall from the movie). We did an air tour and a catamaran tour and that was plenty, everything else was easy to do by car.
- I highly recommend renting a car. There are so many beaches and look out points along the highway, you can easily entertain yourself that way for days on end. I had the most fun finding off-the-beaten path adventures like yesterday's Wailua Falls story, and well-hidden Larsen's Beach.
- Prices are very high. Gas is almost $5 a gallon and milk is $9 a gallon. Some groceries were normal prices - salmon was cheaper than it is in Orlando, and avocados were the same price, so if you make good choices and prepare your own meals you can actually live fairly thrifty!
- I was hesitant about spending so much money on a luau, but it was my favorite experience of the week and totally worth it. Definitely do a luau if you go!

I can't recommend Kauai enough. If you have more travel tips for Kauai or Hawaii, please share them below!

Waimea Canyon (right after snorkeling so please excuse my hair)
Waimea Canyon
Hanalei Bay
Catamaran tour of Na Pali Coast
My favorite spot on the North Coast
The North Coast; being goofy on the Gilligan's Island beach
Layover at the Phoenix airport; I was exhausted after sleeping on a plane the night before!