November Shopping

I have been so frustrated with shopping lately! I spent three hours at the mall last weekend and tried on (almost) everything pictured... and left with absolutely nothing. No fun when that happens, but here's the full scoop on what I loved and didn't love:

1. Banana Republic sweater - I loved this sweater, it was on sale for $50 in the store and am a little sad I didn't buy it now that I look back on it. The pockets are adorable.
2. Banana Republic boots - These boots!! Are so good. They are perfection. I tried them on and considered buying them, but the calf was too big for me (I wear a size 9.5 and relatively small calves so I run into this issue a lot). I'm still drooling over these boots though.
3. Banana Republic blazer - I tracked down one of these in my size to try on, and after all the trouble, I didn't love it. The lapels cover up the top two buttons (unlike the picture), and I wish the blazer buttoned instead of using a hook closure. Will be looking for something similar.
4. Banana Republic top - This was on sale for $20 in the store. I almost bought it just because it was such a good deal, but I didn't love it and I try to only buy things that I really, really love.
5. Gap velvet pants - I tried on all of these pants at Gap and this pair was by far my favorite! The fit was amazeballs and they are so soft and comfy. The color is slightly darker than pictured though and I couldn't see many outfit options other than black or silver. If I think of another way to wear them I will go back.
6. Gap mint jeans - This mint color is slightly more green than the blueish hue I'm looking for, and the fit on me was an odd inch or two too short.
7. Gap ivory cords - I was so bummed to leave the mall without finding a pair of ivory corduroy pants because they are high on my wish list. The fit on these was perfect, but they were very see-through so I passed.
8. Gap cargo pants - These cargos fit well (size down one size) and were on clearance in the store, I just couldn't imagine a lot of shoes other than heels working with a cropped, loose pant leg.
9. Gap dress - I bought this while I was in North Dakota for a steal ($25 on sale in the store!). I absolutely love it; it's a loose fit that will be great for work and casual days alike.
10. LOFT sweater - I tried this on last weekend in the store and loved it. I don't buy many sweaters since I live in Florida but if I lived in a colder climate I would definitely buy it.
11. Express sweater - I haven't seen this in person yet, but it comes in five colors and I've been eyeballing it online. I wish I lived somewhere colder to justify buying it in every color!

My hunt for my November wish list continues - mint jeans, ivory cords, something camouflage, and a baseball tee, to name a few. What are your best finds this month? What's on your wish list?