Shopping Prep: New Arrivals

Banana & Gap
cardigan / jacket / dress / top
necklace / purse / necklace
skirt / dress / leather tote

I'm so excited to go shopping this weekend! I love this time of year - when stores are full of new arrivals, mostly in spring colors but also plenty of finds that you can wear now. One of my favorite shopping tips is to browse online first. That way you can get the lay of the land, compare prices, and identify what items and stores to prioritize first. After having way too much fun online shopping yesterday, here are some of my favorites that I'll be looking for in stores - what new arrivals are you loving?

Note: As you already know, I don't pay full price. This is my shopping strategy though - identify which items I like when they are first out, and then keep an eye on them until they go on promo/clearance. If the price never drops to what I'm comfortable paying, then I won't buy it. But I try to avoid the "buy it just because it's on sale" conundrum, because these are the items I'm specifically looking for. Planning things out this way helps me make better decisions while bargain shopping!

Forever 21
vest / tee / sweater
skirt / shoes / boots
jeans / jeans
LOFT & Limited
shirt / anorak / sweater
dress / dress /  jeans / jeans