How To Layer Necklaces

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I don't consider myself a necklace layering pro by any means. Figuring out how to wear three or more necklaces together has been challenging, so it made me really happy when I came up with this combo last summer using necklaces already in my closet (picture above). Here's my secret on how I overcame my mental roadblock + a couple other tips I've gathered to help you get inspired!

1. Hang them. Last summer I hung hooks just like the one below on my closet walls, for organizing my "delicate" necklaces. Seeing my necklaces on the wall was my lightbulb moment.  Instead of trying a bunch around my neck, I was able to see on the wall which ones would be the right length to layer together. You can easily do this with any nail, etc., and then pick lengths from there.

Container Store, $6.99

2. Get inspired. There is so much amazing necklace layering creativity on Pinterest. These are a few of my favorites; pictures like these challenge me to think outside the box!

Pinterest  / Pinterest / Pinterest

3. Get technical. Use this chart to order the desired necklace lengths online - or measure your necklaces at home with a ruler - and create your own combo.

4. Use a formula. The recent Stella & Dot "layering school" email (some of which is pictured below) is what reminded me to do a post about layering necklaces. I love that you can cheat and order the combos they already came up with! 

What are your necklace layering success stories? Share your tips and tricks below.