New Arrivals to My Closet

Limited / Banana / Gap / Express
Express / Limited / Limited

I hit the mall on Friday and here are just a few things I picked up! Details on what coupons I used are below, and stay tuned for a full budget recap for Jan. and Feb. coming soon. What are your best shopping finds lately?

1. In-store price was $49, and I used a coupon I received in the mail for an additional $15 off.
2. In-store price was $70, plus an extra 25% off sale promo going on in the store.
3. I had a c/o gift card, but used a 40% off Gap cardholder coupon that I received in the mail to lower the price.
4. I used a coupon from the Express website (pulled it up on my phone while I was in the store), so I believe I paid $10 off the full price. (ps. This shirt is way cuter - and more neon - in person!)
5. In-store price was $39, and I used the same Express coupon to get $15 off the sweater. (I did two transactions - changed my mind about the sweater and came up to the register for round two!)
6-7. I unwrapped a piece of chocolate when I entered the store that was good for 40% off everything full-price, which I used on both the belt and this Tory-Burch-esque cardigan!