Fashion With a Cause: Noonday

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To say that I love fashion with a cause is an understatement. Especially when the items are so stinking cute! Today's photos feature accessories from Noonday, a company that sells fair-trade and locally made goods from across the globe, in hopes of assisting artisans struggling for a better future while styling us pretty along the way.

My friend Melonie sells Noonday as an Ambassador, and when she asked me to style some pieces and offered to take photos (she's also a photographer - check out her website Imago Photography), I said yes please! (I was in no way compensated for this post.) I think you will agree that the gear I'm rocking is pretty amazing, now if only I wasn't having the worst hair day ever it would be even better. :-)

Please check out Melonie's Noonday website, along with some other friends of mine with fashion companies for a cause:

Melonie - Noonday
Lindsey - 4 Love
Katie - Elegantees
Lizzie - Market Colors

What similar fashion companies do you support? Which outfit is your favorite?

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