My March Budget

Limited  /  American Eagle (similar)  /  Forever 21  /  Lord & Taylor
Banana (similar)  /  Limited  /  Limited  /  American Eagle (love this one)
American Eagle  /  LOFT  /  Limited  /  Express

After a six week hiatus from the mall (unintentional, I was swamped), I spent an afternoon shopping and spent my March budget all in one day. And what a day it was - I was emotional and my mood definitely affects what I buy. I wound up with fun, unique and "loud" pieces and hardly any staples, because hey - I was looking for fun things that would lift my spirits. :-)

The other reason I wound up with so many fun items is because I didn't have a wish list. I often stress how important I think it is to have a list during shopping. Whether it is a certain color of jeans I want acquire, or a type of shoe (such as flat sandals), I like to mostly stick to that list and then also get a couple unplanned pieces that catch my eye. But the double-whammy of not having a list and being emotional? That's how I wound up with all "sizzle" pieces. I'm letting it slide this month, but next month I will be back to a more disciplined routine!

1. Limited dress, $26 - This dress was on promo plus I used a coupon, so I got it for a steal. It was an Easter contender, and I plan to use it for on-camera and work functions.
2. American Eagle dress, $46 - Can you say obsessed? This might be my favorite dress ever. I love the boho vibe and white dresses in general.
3. Forever 21 dress, $20 - Another fun piece for a night out that I talked up in this post.
4. Lord & Taylor top, $10 - The one item I bought before I hit the mall. I ordered it online due to the crazy low price (it was originally $78).
5. Banana necklace, $26 - Wait, I didn't need another statement necklace? A girl can never have too many in my opinion, and I love the sweetness of this one.
6. Limited belt, $15 - A bow belt just seemed necessary at the time. And the tough zipper detail is perfection.
7. Limited belt, $15 - A black belt with zebra heads also seemed necessary (did I mention I was in the mood for fun?). It's like a statement necklace for your waist.
8. American Eagle top, $38 - More bohemian love. This navy, slightly sheer top is my favorite kind of top to wear on weekends. Looks great with my coral fringe sandals for summer.
9. American Eagle shorts, $35 - I love printed shorts but I especially love these because they are denim. And American Eagle's "midi" fit is my favorite inseam length for shorts.
10. LOFT skirt $40 - I wanted this for Easter. I had already bought the bow belt and realized it would match. It was a bit more than I wanted to spend (they had a 40% off promo going in the store), but to save time and so I could wear it for the holiday, I went for it.
11. Limited cardigan, $17 - The only item I might return. I love this kind of colorblocking so much, I'm just always afraid I will tire of it quickly.
12. Express top, $25 - Mint and peplum? Say no more. And I love high necklines like these for statement necklaces.

Total = $313
Forever 21  /  Target
Forever 21  /  Forever 21

Also thought I'd share my little "head start" on April's budget. I ordered these three Forever 21 items online. I saw the camo shorts in person and they are awesome - way baggier and not nearly as short.  The jeans and t-shirt will totally depend on what they look like on. And I bought the neon orange fringe swim suit at Target. I love the fit!

What were your favorite March purchases? What items are on your April wish list?

For more info see "How to Set a Clothing Budget."