Today's Everyday Fashion: #ALDOCheckYourHedge

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Cardigan / Jeans / Wedges
Similar blazer / Similar top / Similar jeans / Wedges

I had the hardest time deciding which pair of ALDO shoes to get with my gift card! I so appreciated everyone's votes [in this post]; it was a tough call between the ones I'm wearing and the three pairs below. The wedges below were awesome but a little too high of a heel for me, and the other two were SO fabulous on, but I ultimately decided to go with a more neutral wedge. The color goes with just about anything, and are comfy enough for errands and fun enough for a night out, making them the ultimate versatile shoe. I'm illustrating today how they work with an edgy look, feminine pastels, and a preppy nautical look. Which outfit is your favorite?

ps. Stay tuned for a giveaway this week. I'm giving away a gift card from ALDO, and I'm also giving away the shoes I'm wearing in this post! :-)

Wedge  /  Sandals  /  Heels

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