Today's Everyday Fashion: The Wedding Guest

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As promised, here are the other dresses I packed for the wedding in NC last weekend! All four dresses (including yesterday's) are from boutiques, and are a few years old. The dresses above were for dinner the night before the wedding. I wore the leopard one, and my friend Becka wound up wearing the chevron one (she's a few inches shorter so it was a more appropriate length on her). 

The dress below was for the big night. I'm still on the fence whether blush is okay for a wedding - it's pretty close to ivory, so I think it just depends on the specific dress. Although there was no possible way to upstage the bride at the wedding I attended (Kristin is 6' and supermodel gorgeous), I played it safe by wearing the black lace and gunmetal sheath dress from yesterday's post. As for the coats - turns out I didn't need them as the weather was unseasonably warm, but I wanted to share the option for any cold weather weddings you might have.

Which look is your favorite? Would you wear blush to a wedding? 


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