My September Budget

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 1.23.38 AM.png

1. Old Navy sweater, $12
2. Gap plaid shirt, $30 (sold out - similar, similar)
3. LOFT skirt, $36  ---> returned because of fit
4. Limited skirt, $30
5. Forever 21 tee, $16
6. American Eagle tee, $10
7. Forever 21 tee, $11
8. Express trench, $77
9. ShoeMint shoes, $75 (sold out - similar, similar, similar)
10. Limited belt, $22
11. Sole Society clutch, $29

Total = $319 (minus the $29 leftover from August)

UPDATED TOTAL = $283 (after the returned skirt)

Here's how I spent my September budget! (For more info see "How to Set a Clothing Budget.") I've done most of my shopping online lately - a departure from my usual shopping strategy which is to browse online first to save time, and then do the purchasing in stores to save money. It's working better for my schedule to shop online, but then I wind up liking less than half of what I order, which means returns, etc. so it has its disadvantages, too. Do you prefer to shop online or in stores? What items are on your fall wish list?



Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.24.53 AM.png

American Eagle  /  Banana  /  LOFT  /  Limited
Express  /  Banana  /  Limited  /  Banana
Old Navy  /  Gap  /  Limited  /  Old Navy

My October wish list: 
I'm on the hunt for textures and small patterns that I can mix together, and for anything plaid, bubble gum pink, black and white and military!