Today's Everyday Fashion: One Cold Day


We finally had a cold day in Orlando and it was so refreshing! It's back to the muggy 80's now, but on Wednesday it was in the 50's and felt like 40's with the wind. I took the opportunity to wear a heavy wool skirt and coat for a technology event downtown. I love living in Florida, but sure wish I could dress like this more often. It made me nostalgic for living in Boston - although this time of year I'd be in "survival mode" with so many layers I'd look like a marshmallow. So maybe something in between. What's your ideal weather to dress for - bundling up in the winter, tank tops in the summer, or something in between?

Jacket: LOFT, $50
Top: Boden c/o
Skirt: Boden c/o
Pumps: Nine West c/o (similar, similar)
Purse: Emma Fox c/o Ross, $60 (same)
Necklace: C. Wonder c/o
Approx. dates: Jacket is 3 years ago, purse is 2 years ago, shoes are last year, top and skirt are new.