My October Budget


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Express  /  Limited  /  Limited (similar)

1. LOFT jacket, $43 - I'm loving everything boucle and tweed for fall, and this jacket is as comfy as a sweatshirt.
2. LOFT top, $28 - Slight obsession with scalloped lace right now, and it was a good sale price.
3. LOFT top, $20 - I love shells with high necks for pairing with statement necklaces and I love this shade of pink.
4. Limited skirt, $32 - Houndstooth = a trend I was dying to try.
5. Express dress, $60 - I've ordered and tried on several white polka dot dresses this year, and this one was finally the perfect fit.
6. Limited skirt, $30 - Fit and flare shape has always been a favorite (I had a skirt just like this many years ago) and especially in a tweed material.
7. Express top, $19 - I have a weakness for anything blush pink with ruffles - I made a snap decision, and this isn't my favorite purchase from this month. Lesson learned.
8. Limited clutch, $23 - Dying over this clutch, I've been looking for a cognac clutch for ages and this one is perfect.
9. Limited top, $25 - The ultimate plaid top for fall, I can't stop wearing it.

Total = $280

- I've been buying dressier items lately. Working from home, I spend a lot of time in casual clothes (like the plaid top, and the t-shirt below), but I've been more focused on items I can wear for work events - the polka dot dress, lace top, hot pink top, green and striped tops below. 
- I've done a 180 with my shopping strategy. I used to buy 95% of items in store because prices on the sale rack are often way lower than what you find online. Lately though, I've been buying everything online because of the convenience factor and my nonstop schedule. It can save a lot of time to browse and shop online, and with free shipping it's relatively risk-free. 
- I'm also less focused on clearance items -- and instead go for new arrivals that have great promos, like 50% off. When I choose from new arrivals, rather than combing what winds up on the sale rack, I get my very favorite items from the store. I'm finding it's worth extra $5-20 per item, because I'll wear the item more and want to keep it longer.

What are your shopping strategies - wait for the clearance rack, or buy new during a promo? Shop online or in person?


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J.Crew Factory  /  J.Crew Factory  /  Banana (sold out - similar)

Plus - here's what I'm thinking about for November so far! Other items on my wish list this season include brown boots, dark brown pumps, army green pants, holiday dresses, and blush/pink everything. What's on your wish list this fall/winter?

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