Summer Wedding Guide

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Wedding attire is as diverse and varied as the people who marry, so coming up with dress options that work for every wedding is a tall order. Whether you are attending a backyard BBQ or a black tie dinner, today's post contains dresses for guests and brides under $150.  Here are my tips for deciding what to wear:

1. Venue - One of your best clues for determining what's appropriate is the venue. If the wedding is held in a church, then you'll want to dress more conservatively. If the venue is a mansion, country club or resort, you'll want to consider cocktail attire like the options below. If the venue is a backyard or the beach, then sandals and a sundress might fit the bill.
2. Climate - Another huge factor is weather and/or the geography of the wedding. Sweltering heat in Miami? Colorful options you don't mind sweating in are your best bet. Summer in Boston, however, can be chilly (especially at night) so bring a wrap or cardigan, and neutral colors are more appropriate regionally. 
3. Etiquette  - My only hard and fast "rule" for wedding attire is to avoid anything the bride might wear, like white lace or an all-white dress. I also tend to shy away from solid colored taffeta or anything that might look bridesmaid-esque.
4. Flair - I've heard a mirad of rules for weddings - everything from don't wear sequins to don't wear the color red. There are plenty of brides and/or colorful weddings (Miami, Vegas) where dresses with "flair" are not only welcome but encouraged. Consider your bride (in general, how conservative does she dress) and your venue to determine how safe you should play it.
5. Modesty - If the wedding takes place in a church, be sure to not show more skin than you would feel comfortable showing during Sunday service (you can always bring a blazer, cardigan or wrap and ditch it during the reception). If the wedding doesn't include a church, I would still recommend erring on the side of caution. If your dress shows a lot of skin up top, make sure it hits at the knee or lower, and vice versa.

How do you decide what to wear to a wedding? 

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-For the bride: bridal showers, bachelorette, etc.-

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