Today's Everyday Fashion: Coral Combos

Inspiration:  LOFT

Inspiration: LOFT

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 11.00.25 PM.png

Today post is two coral combos - one for work, one for weekend. I love the inspiration photo, but both of my interpretations are what I call "good enough" outfits. As a perfectionist, it would be ideal if every outfit was a perfect 10, but let's be real - does anyone ever love 100% of what they wear? A million factors can come into play when you are getting dressed - a recent weight loss or gain means nothing fits, haven't shopped in ages syndrome, or you just aren't feeling creative, to name a few. But ultimately you have to leave the house in something - so when is good enough good enough? On really stressful days I will repeat a past outfit I loved, or a simple white top and solid bottoms. But it's the gray area in between that is most difficult to navigate in my opinion. Sometimes an outfit is just a 7 out of 10 and you have to decide whether or not you are walking out of the house in it. How do you decide what is "good enough"? Are you a perfect 10 or bust, or is there a gray area when getting dressed? 

Blazer: Banana Republic, $69 (similarcheaper)
Shirt: LOFT, $20 (similarsimilar)
Skirt: Banana Republic, $30 (LOFT version, similar, similar)
Shorts: Gap, $20
Belt: H&M, $18
Heels: Nine West c/o, old (similar)
Flats: Nine West/DSW, $60 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot, $89
Purse: Karen Millen, gift (similar)


Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 1.00.59 AM.png

For today's shopping picks I decided to torture myself with a little drool-fest over at J.Crew Factory. :-) It may not be the same quality as retail J.Crew, but it's a great solution for fashionistas on a budget like me who love J.Crew's style, and certain items like the blazers on the bottom you can hardly tell the difference. Which item is your favorite? 
 /  Jacket  /  Top
Skirt  /  Flats  /  Heels  /  Skirt
Blazer  /  Blazer  /  Blazer