Today's Everyday Fashion: Workout Gear

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Today I'm sharing my favorite workout clothes and new neon Asics c/o Finish Line! (Pluse one seriously goofy jumping picture.) Some workouts you might find me doing include: the free neighborhood gym (usually the elliptical), Orlando Power Yoga, running outside, or Fit Body Bootcamp (I did a couple trial classes in July).

I wish I had more of a fitness routine to share, but it's pretty random and I average one or two workouts per week. Having cute workout gear helps me get excited for the gym. Old Navy is my go-to for tank tops and stretchy bottoms, I like Nike Tempo running shorts, and Asics have always been my favorite running shoes. I'm obsessed with these neon Asics from Finish Line because they contain every color of the rainbow, so they easily match anything you pair them with. What work out gear and/or routines are your favorites? Which look do you like the most?

Shoes: Asics c/o Finish Line
Shorts: Old Navy (similar)
Tank tops: Old Navy (similar)
Yoga pants: Old Navy (similar)

Please note: workout gear is not included in my monthly clothing budget posts. :-)

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