Today's Everyday Fashion: Leather Sleeve Trench

Inspiration:  Club Monaco

Inspiration: Club Monaco

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A leather sleeve trench was at the top of my fall shopping list. I really liked this trend last year but wasn't able to find one in my price range. With a Labor Day coupon this one was a great deal, so I ordered it to see what it looked like in person. I love it, but there are SO many cute options (below) I'm having a tough time making up my mind! Would you wear a leather sleeve trench? Which one is your favorite?

Trench: Express, $77 (keeping??)
Shirt: H&M, $18 (similarsimilar)
Jeans: Target, $23 (similar, similar, similar)
Shoes: Miss Me/Marshall's, $28 (similar, similar, similar)
Purse: Michael Kors, Santa 


Screen shot 2013-09-20 at 1.21.03 AM.png

Dress 1   /  Dress 2  /  Dress 3

I returned the dress from the same Express order (far left), because I realized I have a couple items that are similar. I saw these other two versions on my way out of the store, and fell in love with #3. (I have selective memory, suddenly the items weren't so similar anymore!) If I see it on sale later I'm nabbing it. Which one do you like?


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