My August Budget

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 5.04.23 PM.png

LOFT  /  Limited  /  Walmart
Steve Madden  /  Limited  /  Gap  /  Gap
Gap  /  H&M  /  LOFT
LOFT  /  Zara  /  Victoria's Secret

Here's what I bought with my August budget! In August I was all about variety - work items were a priority (top row, and first skirt on the bottom), but I also wanted to add some great casual pieces to my closet (row 3).

1. LOFT, $50 - I bought this for 40% off during an in-store promotion. Sheath dresses were on my wish list for work and this one won me over.
2. Limited, $35 - I bought these pants online with a coupon about a month ago (the price is even lower now!). I wanted to try cropped trousers to add a new shape to my closet.
3. Walmart, $19 - Another sheath dress for work. You can't beat the price and I'm loving houndstooth for fall.
4. Steve Madden, $64 - These shoes have been on my wish list for ages so I finally bit the bullet. I used an online coupon code plus a $20 credit card reward to get that price.
5. Limited, $25 - I ordered these shoes when I bought the pants. Great price and I love the color.
6. Gap, $12 - I bought this on clearance in July for a tropical vacation.
7. Gap, $12 - Ditto, bought on clearance with vacation in mind.
8. Gap, $16 - I can't resist super casual items like this hoodie sometimes. Perfect for cute but lazy days.
9. H&M, $10 - Another item for vacation, purchased in late July.
10. LOFT, $27 - I wore this with black jeans for a night out, but I also want to make it work appropriate this fall.
11. LOFT, $40 - This skirt goes with so many things, I'm glad I decided to add it to my closet. I purchased it during an in-store 40% off promotion a few weeks ago.
12. Zara, $40 (similar) - Purchased on clearance in-store in July, I've never been able to find it online. 
13. Victoria's Secret, $28 - I ordered this online. Couldn't resist the lemon print!

Total = $378

My budget is $250 per month, plus I had $157 left over from July's budget. That leaves $29 extra to spend in September. (For more info, see "How to Set a Clothing Budget.")

Screen shot 2013-09-07 at 4.47.42 PM.png

Banana Republic  /  Old Navy  /  Forever 21  /  American Eagle
Forever 21  /  LOFT  /  LOFT  /  LOFT
Express  /  Joe's  /  Express
Forever 21  /  Express  /  Limited

All of these items, except the LOFT pieces, are in the mail to me right now. (And I'll be placing a LOFT order as soon as I get a good coupon code!) Not sure what I'm keeping yet, but possibly all of it! ;-) Which pieces are you favorite?