Today's Everyday Fashion: Scandal Inspired

Scandal for the Limited coats

Coat   /   Pants   /  Coat

It seems like every other week a retailer does a collaboration with a designer, celebrity or TV show. I don't cover every launch because there are so many of them, and I am a little wary that an exciting "name" can make the clothes seem cooler than they really are. The Scandal Collection at the Limited though? So stinking cute I can't handle it. (Note: I was not asked to write about or compensated to write about it.)  I loved it when I saw it online initially, and even more so when I tried it on. This is one collaboration I really wanted to share. 

Is there something unique/special about this line compared to the rest of the clothes at Limited? My answer is yes: they really paid attention to every detail, and the overall aesthetics are some of my favorite pieces I've ever seen at the Limited. With that comes a price, though. Items are expensive for the Limited and so far they haven't offered any coupons that are valid on the collection.

1. My first set of photos above show two coats I tried on. The gray plaid cape was one of my favorites online, but in person I found it a bit stiff to navigate. Maybe I just need some practice with capes, because I certainly loved the gray plaid fabric. And the pink coat was fabulous - it's not as bright pink in person as it looks online, and I think the wrap style is so chic. 

Scandal for the Limited office outfit

Jacket   /   Top   /   Pants

2. I loved these three pieces together. The jacket is gorgeous and with a little ironing you can wear it open like I'm showing. This top is so pretty and comes in three colors; this would be a staple for me if I worked in an office. The pants were a pretty color but I preferred the Liv fit (below) for my body type.

My top picks: Scandal for the Limited

Dress   /   Coat   /   Top   /   Pants

3. I was most excited to try on this dress. It looks too short for the office on the model but it was longer on me (I'm 5'7") so I felt very appropriate. The pink color was a little lighter in person than I was expecting, and my only complaint is that you can slightly see the layers through the dress along the right side. I wish it would lay more flat. 

The outfit on the right I wanted to buy immediately and walk out of the store in it! That's the same pink coat worn open, and the same tie shirt in the blush color. The pants are more ivory than bright white like they appear on the website, and the fit was awesome. I'm on my toes in the picture, they would be the perfect length with a nice pump.

Scandal for the Limited office outfit

Jacket   /   Top   /   Pants

4. Last but not least, this is another outfit with the Liv pant, this time in a blush pink color (they look brown in my photo but they are more of a pink like you see on the website). This outfit felt crisp and modern and totally professional.

Overall this line was a huge win in my book. I don't have a ton of use for office clothes in my world, but I will be sale and coupon stalking regardless. Two thumbs up! Have you tried any of the Scandal clothing line yet? What was your experience? You can shop the entire line here.