Cruise Diary: What I Wore, Part 4

Our last two days on the cruise were days at sea. The first time I took a cruise I remember thinking “a day at sea – what in the world would I do all day?” But the fact that this Carnival cruise had two days in a row at sea is one reason I chose it. Days at sea are blissful – no cell service, no agenda, and nothing to do but relax and unwind.

The first day at sea I put on this cover up (old, from 4 summers ago) and headed to the deck to read for an hour. I was also rocking my second set of metallic tattoos. I’ve always wanted to be that glamorous person who wears jewelry with her swimsuits, but these tattoos (applied with water like regular temporary tattoos) give you that same look for just a few dollars and without worrying you’ll ruin your favorite jewelry. They were perfect for a cruise.

Gym gear on a cruise

After the pool, I headed to the gym. This picture was taken on our balcony post-gym and I'm a sweaty mess. 

Formal night on a Carnival cruise
Formal night outfit for a cruise

Our 7th night at sea was the second formal dress code night. This time, I wore a dress I’ve had for approximately 8 years. I can’t remember the last time I wore it or even tried it on, but when I love something I hold onto it stubbornly and generally wind up wearing it again at some point. It felt like a brand new dress, and exactly like something I would buy again right now. It doesn’t get any better than “already in your closet!” I loved wearing it for dinner.

Casual outfit for a cruise

On day 8, our final day at sea, we experienced our only bad patch of weather. It was rainy and overcast that day, so we decided to take our time and get breakfast in the fancy dining room. I wore this outfit (first featured on the blog here) for the second time that week (the first time I’d worn it was day 2 for same occasion - breakfast in the dining room). When I packed, I focused on swimwear for day, and dinner outfits for night. I didn’t bring a lot of “in between” outfits like this one, and could have used a couple more in my suitcase (if not repeating outfits was the goal). I also wore the black jumpsuit from day 1 again, for the ride home after the cruise.

Gym outfit on a cruise

With the inclement weather, it was a good time to hit the gym, so I threw on one of my favorite t-shirts (a party favor from SXSW a few years ago). I normally wear this shirt with neon gym shorts but I had already worn them over a swimsuit earlier that week, so I paired it with yoga pants instead. (I had planned to take a yoga class on board, but all the yoga classes on our cruise were at 8am and I am not a morning exerciser.)

Pink flutter sleeve dress with orange accessories

That night I wore one of my favorite outfits of the cruise. I originally wore this hot pink dress to JJ’s birthday this summer (here). I liked these accessories so much more though – punches of neon orange in my shoes, clutch and necklaces. I got lots of compliments that night! 

After our final yummy dinner, we watched another comedy show and caught the end of the baseball game in the EA SPORTS Bar.

Overall this vacation hit the spot. My favorite part was spending uninterrupted time with JJ and going on dinner “dates” every night as we called them. You also can’t beat relaxing sans cell and internet (despite what that gym t-shirt might say; and Carnival does offer internet, but I limited my time). And of course soaking up the beauty of the Caribbean and all that it has to offer. I can’t thank Carnival enough for giving us the trip of a lifetime. I hope to be back on a Carnival ship someday soon! 

This post was created as part of my collaboration with Carnival. As always, all of the opinions, thoughts, and ideas in this post are my own.