Today's Everyday Fashion: 6 Ideas for Layering Dresses

6 Ideas for Layering Dresses

Today's post is inspired by a recent reader request via Facebook: "Though I own a lot of dresses, I keep wearing them in rather uninspired ways, changing only the shoes and jewelry. Could you do a series on layering dresses?"

I started thinking about my closet and what new creative combinations I might find, as well as past posts that featured dress layering. Here are 6 examples of layering a dress:

1. Wear a collared shirt underneath
To make this trick work, the shirt underneath should be a thin material, and the dress should be a thicker material to conceal the shirt. With this first example, the fit and color are so harmonious, the top almost looks like it's part of the dress.

Layer a collared shirt under a dress

In this second example I like the color combo. Adding a printed blouse under your LBD could be a fun way to add a new spin. I personally think the ruffles on this particular dress are a bit too busy though. It would work well with a plain black sheath. 

Wear a dress as a skirt: layer a sweater and jacket over it

2. Wear a dress as a skirt

I layered a sweater and a jacket over this striped dress for a whole new look. Crew neck sweaters are easy to do this with since they conceal more, and jackets help tie the pieces together and aid with keeping the sweater in place.  

This second example was one of my most popular outfits in 2012. I like the fullness of the skirt paired with a more fitted sweater. You can see the challenge of getting the sweater to stay in place though. Try folding the bottom under, or stick to sweaters with a shorter or cropped fit.

3. Wear a dress as a top

In this trick, I layered a too-short dress under a pencil skirt to make it work appropriate. A few factors needed to make this one work: the thinner the dress the better, and your skirt will need some extra wiggle room, plus thick enough material to conceal the dress.

Last but not least, another example of wearing a tunic/dress under a skirt. This trick works especially well with full and pleated skirts!

What are your favorite ways to get more mileage out of your dresses?