Today's Everyday Fashion: Wild Prints

Inspiration:  J.Crew

Inspiration: J.Crew

Graphic sweater, jeans and pink pumps
Original Post  ONe ,  Two

Original Post ONe, Two

I got inspired to put this outfit together thanks to J.Crew + two outfits I've worn in the past. At first I thought "sweet, another way to wear this sweater!" and then I had a moment of "is this even 'me' anymore?" I think it's inevitable at times that we outgrow our clothes in a sense of just not being our style anymore. I still like each piece of this outfit, but something about all of it together just didn't seem as fun as it would have a few years ago. Make no mistake though - I'm still into fun/wild prints (just maybe wearing them a different way), see a review of a couple I tried on below. What styles or trends have you completely outgrown over the years?

Sweater: Collide Boutique, old (similar, similar)
Jeans: AF c/o (similarsimilar, similar)
Shoes: MJR Sales c/o, old (similar, similarsimilar, similar)
Purse: Gap, $16 (similar, similar)
Approx. dates: Sweater, shoes are 3 years ago. Jeans and purse are 1 year ago.

Limited fitting room pics

Top  /  Pants                                             Top  /  Pants                  

I saw both of these tops online and loved them, but I was preparing myself to be disappointed in person. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised! Both are nicer quality than what I've seen at Limited lately - the leopard is really vibrant red, and the burgundy one is really thick with nice finishes. I also love the pattern on the pink and navy striped top you can see hanging up, I hope to get it later (note: go a size up on that one!). And both pairs of pants were cute, too.

Limited fitting room pics

Dress                                                          Dress

These dresses also caught my eye online. The blue one is really vibrant but I wasn't loving that you can see my bra lines slightly, and this shape makes me self-conscious. The slight hi-low hem was fun though! As for the gray leopard - I love that one so much. Also higher quality than usual and I'm sale stalking that one as well. Right now everything is 50% off but I'm hoping in the post-holiday sales it will be even cheaper!