Today's Everyday Fashion: Nautical Cardigan

Inspiration: Chloe Resort 2014 via  Harper's Bazaar

Inspiration: Chloe Resort 2014 via Harper's Bazaar

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 1.17.11 AM.png

I've had this sweater for so long that I was convinced I had already worn it every possible way. (My go-to is white jeans and a collared shirt underneath.) This Chloe photo gave me a new idea for it, and a little spring preview for when the weather warms up. 

Sweater: Banana Republic, $20
Skirt: Limited, $25 (similar)
Shoes: Banana Republic, $25 (similar)
Purse: Calvin Klein/Macy's, $130 (similar)
Approx. dates: Skirt is 7 years ago, sweater is 6 years ago, shoes are 5 years ago. Purse is last summer.

Screen shot 2014-02-28 at 1.43.21 AM.png

All of these except for the first and last are over $100. They might be cheaper than the average Chloe cardigan (my inspiration - $1000) but most are window shopping because they're out of my budget!

Tommy Hilfiger  /  Neiman Marcus Last Call  /  Kate Spade
Nordstrom  /  Demylee  /  Jones New York

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