Today's Everyday Fashion: Christian Fashion Week

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After Fox 35 yesterday morning, I headed to Tampa for Christian Fashion Week. I've mentioned my friend Katie and her company Elegantees several times on the blog - they presented at the show and did a knock-out job! (That's Wildy, Katie and Sarah with the models after the show in the last picture.) Elegantees is a nonprofit organization based in NYC that raises money to fight sex-trafficking and employs women in Nepal to make their clothes. You can shop Elegantees and learn more about them here

The weather was cold and rainy yesterday, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear a thick long-sleeve dress. (I first shared this dress here in a petite size.) These pictures were snapped around 10 p.m., I did my hair and makeup at 6 a.m. for my TV segment, had been rained on all day, and spent 4 hours in the car - I was definitely not looking or feeling my best by that point. Worth every minute though. I loved the show, and it was great catching up with and supporting these awesome ladies!

ps. I posted a fun pic of all the bloggers I met last night on Instagram here!

pps. I found out yesterday that Sarah joined the Elegantees team as a result of this blog post a year ago. How cool!! (I'm in no way affiliated with Elegantees or Christian Fashion Week.)