Today's Everyday Fashion: Not Quite Perfect

Inspiration: Mode/AKM-GSI via  Who What Wear

Inspiration: Mode/AKM-GSI via Who What Wear

Inspiration:  Where Did U Get That

I take tons of outfit photos that never make it on the blog. I believe there's no wrong answer during brainstorming, so I snap things as I go, and decide whether to share it later. These are two outfits that didn't get the approved stamp. How I determine where to draw that line is difficult to define, because hardly any outfit I post feels like a "perfect 10" to me, and perfect isn't really ever the goal. (Wearable and gets the job done, is!)

Top outfit: I love the idea of pastels in the winter (I was freezing when I snapped that photo!), but my outfit feels like one too many colors - I'd switch the purse to a gray tone perhaps?

Bottom outfit:  I love mixing two different kinds of leopard print, but this one just didn't flow like I wanted it to. I'd prefer it with plain black pumps.

Some things that do get a perfect 10 from me - these new arrivals from Banana below. It's been my favorite store for many years now, and this collection in particular caught my eye. Plus get 35% off today with code BRFUNMON. I will be sale stalking all of it!


Screen shot 2014-02-10 at 12.23.22 AM.png

Top  /  Blazer  /  Top
Top  /  Skirt  /  Top
Dress  /  Pants  /  Dress
Shoes  /  Scarf  /  Sunglasses