Today's Everyday Fashion: Life

Crochet skirt
Crochet skirt with nude shoes

I'm having that kind of week where everything feels ridiculously hard. Like I'm carrying a ton of bricks everywhere I go. Almost 2 months with no real residence, moving twice in less than 2 months, no running water for 2 days, endless bad news about house hunting, to name a few. When it came time to take pictures yesterday... I wasn't feeling it. It's never easy an feat (that part of blogging is uncomfortable for me), but yesterday was a new level. So I forced myself to dance. What else can you do on a week like this?

Clearly... I need some practice.

Clearly... I need some practice.

In between my pity parties this week, I am reminding myself that nothing worth doing is easy. No relationship, job, or act of service. I look back and wonder sometimes how I had the motivation to blog seven days a week for a year straight, with absolutely no guarantee that it would "work." But I've found that even when it does "work," it does not get easier! (Grrr.) When you reach the next level and someone hands you an opportunity (like writing a book) it still takes an incredible amount of hard work, before there's any guarantee that it will happen. "Nothing worth doing is easy," but more importantly: growing through every conflict, risk, energy drainer, annoyance and fear ultimately builds something good. Obstacles are the way to get better. So excuse me while I mourn a not-easy week with a dance and a pout... but I will be back on that horse tomorrow. There's tons of hard work with zero guarantees up ahead.

Pleated top and crochet skirt

Top: C. Wonder, $35
Skirt: Conversation Pieces c/o, old
Shoes: Jessica Simpson c/o Nordstrom, $59 (same)
Clutch: Sole Society, $30 (similar)
Necklace: My Stella & Dot, $59
Approx. dates: Skirt is 2 years ago. Clutch is 1 year ago. Top and shoes are recent.