What to Wear for Engagement Photos

Kate Spade/Nordstrom, $238 (sold out - similar skirt)

Pros: Quite possibly the prettiest print I've ever seen.
Cons: Love it for photos but not sure I want to invest in this dress long-term.

Ann Taylor, $45 (sold out - similar, similar)

Pros: Classic silhouette that will never go out of style.
Cons: I may be fidgeting with the collar and buttons during photos.

Elie Tahari dress c/o ShopStyle

Pros: Love the bright colors, and my fiance loves it.
Cons: This one is a lot more trendy than classic.

Note: I won't be wearing sunglasses or a purse in the actual photos.

My tips for engagement photos: 

  • Take a "test photo" of what you plan to wear (just like I'm sharing today). You might be surprised at how different things look in a photo versus real life. Better to find out now than be surprised later.
  • The ultimate rule: wear whatever makes YOU feel fabulous. Don't wear anything you feel uncomfortable in - your feelings towards your outfit will show in the photos!
  • For the most part solid, bright colors and a more fitted silhouette looks best on camera. But only go that route if your outfit passes the two tests above.
  • Nothing is too casual or too fancy. A tuxedo and sequin dress = win. Both barefoot in t-shirts = win. It's totally up to you, and the vibe you are going for.
  • How closely you want to match your fiance is really up to you. More so than matching colors, however, I recommend matching occasion/theme. So if you are going for a country theme, cocktail attire or something really preppy, then make sure your fiance does the same.
  • Don't forget the manicure for the inevitable close-up shot of your engagement ring!
  • Don't feel the need to buy something new. A tried and true classic that you always feel great in just might be the best option out there.