Today's Everyday Fashion: Red Stripes

Red peplum top with red striped shorts
Red peplum top with red striped shorts

A huge thank you for your support and encouragement regarding yesterday's post. I am completely blown away and wish I could hug every single one of you. I know that ultimately I need to not be so caught up with what's going on around me and work on being confident in who I am in Christ, but at the same time I think using our words to encourage and lift up someone who is hurting is downright good for the soul. Thank you for reminding me of so many things that I was struggling to believe. (I will be responding to everyone soon - 6am wake up call and traveling today.)

I also want to re-iterate from my post that the people behind the things listed in my post are not "the enemy." This is not an us vs. them thing - because I'm a "them" too - I have been that person dealing with unimaginable amounts of hurt and I am not perfect with my words. It's unacceptable behavior, but I choose to believe the person inside is good, redeemable and worthy of grace. Always. And I will do my best to forgive and not retaliate with any of the same behaviors. 

Now let's get back to our lighthearted, FUN and regularly scheduled content: budget fashion!! I am craving the color red like crazy lately, and specifically these shorts. I hunted for the perfect red striped shirt for over a year, and after striking out so many times, I got these shorts instead. (I'm also thinking about picking up that Gap hoodie below when it goes on sale!) I put together this date night outfit with them yesterday, which was fitting because it was 8,000 degrees outside! (Welcome to August in Florida!)

Top: HCB Boutique c/o (similar, similar)
Shorts: J.Crew Factory, $24
Shoes: Windsor Store c/o (similar, similar)
Purse: My Stella & Dot
Necklace: Local boutique (similar)
Sunglasses: Call It Spring c/o, $12
Approx. dates: Top is 2 years ago. Shoes are 1 year ago. Purse and shorts are this summer.

Red stripes on a budget