Today's Everyday Fashion: Outtakes

Leather jacket, stripe top, distressed jeans

Today I'm sharing some photos from October & November that I never posted! This first outfit contains two of my favorite items in my closet - a leather jacket from Banana 5 years ago, and a F21 top from a couple summers ago. I wound up posting this outfit using the same inspiration photo instead.

Mustard sweater, olive skirt, leopard shoes

I love this mustard, olive and leopard color combo but the fit is all wrong. This skirt was too small for me and you can see on my face how uncomfortable I felt in the photos. I returned the skirt (ordered from J.Crew Factory) but I may need to try this color combo again! 

Leather jacket, graphic sweater, red plaid top

I love this inspiration outfit from Collage Vintage via Lucky Magazine. The dog graphic on mine felt a little too kitschy though, and I also like her black handbag a lot more.

Camel blazer, white tee, Sperrys

Last but not least, I like this comfy, casual look with Sperrys, white tee and a camel blazer but I'd prefer it with different jeans. I wound up wearing a similar version for running errands at one point!  

Flats  /  Flats  /  Flats  /  Pants
Top  /  Top  /  Top
Skirt  /  Shorts  /  Skirt  /  Coat
Top  /  Shorts  /  Shorts  /  Tray

Also - check out these new arrivals at J.Crew Factory! I like to put some favorites in my shopping cart now and wait for a good sale/coupon code. They changes prices (up and down) a lot but if you catch a promo code during a low price moment, that's when you can score the really good deals! Commence sale stalking!