Today's Everyday Fashion: LOFT Review

LOFT peplum dress: regular vs. petite

This LBD and the leopard dress below were two of my finds during the day after Christmas sales. The only problem? I visited three LOFT locations, and they only had the dresses in Petite sizes. Since the price was the same online, I ordered the same dresses in Regular sizes so I could compare. This sparked an idea for a post: how different are Petite sizes compared to Regular? Here's a photo comparison and my full review!

LOFT peplum dress, $45
Size 0 on the left, size 2P on the right.
In general, a Regular size and one size up in Petite are comparable. From the front, you can hardly detect a difference. 

How Regular sizes fit versus Petite!

This is the same dress from the side. This was my main reason for ordering the Regular size - on the right (Petite) you can see the line on the peplum is hitting me too high. On the left (Regular) it's right where it should be (under my bum, not over it). Verdict: the Regular size is the definite winner. (And I'm definitely keeping this one! I love the scuba material and it's rare to find a dress that fits this well off the rack.)

LOFT leopard dress: regular versus petite

LOFT leopard dress, $45
Size 2 on the left, size 4P on the right.

I went a size up on both of these, because the neck was way too tight. I have the back held back with a chip clip because either option would need to be taken in on the bottom. From the front on this dress you can definitely see that the right one (Petite) is shorter. 

Regular vs. Petite sizes - how they fit

Same dress. From the side you can see the right is shorter, and the waistline is hitting me higher. I'd say this one is a safe call either way - depending on how short you want the dress (especially with the high neckline to balance it out), and where you want to wear it (work vs. a night out). Verdict: I might skip this one altogether since it requires alterations. 

Overall, I might be too tall to be considered "Petite" (5'7") but sometimes it actually fits me better. My tips for non-Petites shopping the Petite section:

1. Petites are a great option when the smallest size they have is still too big on you. Even if you are tall, a size 0P is smaller than a 0R (2P and 0R are comparable), so give it a try.
2. Petites work if you want a shorter, cropped fit. For dresses and skirts, they will fit you shorter and hit you in a different place. This can be beneficial if you try on the Regular and it's not fitting correctly, or you want a different length. I once tried on a pencil skirt at Banana and it was too high-waisted. So I went a size up in Petite, it fit around my hips, but hit my knees in the exact same spot (not any shorter) so I bought the Petite. For pants, a skinny trouser in a Petite may give you the "cropped" appearance you're looking for, even if you're quite tall.
3. Petite sleeves are cut shorter, so use caution when buying Petite tops or jackets. You may need to be okay with permanently rolling the sleeves. They will also be cut shorter in the torso. If a boyfriend blazer feels too long, try it in Petite and roll the sleeves.
4. When to buy Petites? Anytime you're looking for a shorter, cropped appearance, the smallest size is too big, or it's worth trying on if you love the item but they only have a Petite size. You never know unless you try!

LOFT black lace jumpsuit

LOFT jumpsuit, $49 (now $37)

This jumpsuit is not a Petite size, however, I wanted to share a review for it as well. I wore my casual black jumpsuit so much this summer, that I'm considering keeping this fancy version. I love that is has pockets, but the elastic waistband and back feel a bit casual for the lace elements. LOFT also has a great casual black jumpsuit here.

Have you ever shopped Petite or Tall sections? Have you tried on any of these items at LOFT?

Disclosure: I have a merchandise credit left over from working with Ann Taylor 2 years ago that I used for my purchases. The LOFT company was not in any way involved with or aware of this post.