Introducing JCPenney's BELLE + SKY

Belle + Sky pale pink top and black coulottes
Belle + Sky pale pink top and coulottes
Belle + Sky perforated midi skirt
Belle + Sky perforated midi skirt

When JCPenney first got in touch about their exclusive clothing line BELLE + SKY, my initial reaction was to go check out what BELLE + SKY was. My next reaction – these clothes are adorable!! This clothing line is so much my style, it feels like I designed it myself. Prices run $17.99-$59.99 for most items, and I’m featuring three of my favorites in today’s post.

The first look (above) is a pale pink crop top with black culottes. That’s right – culottes! A clothing item that recently popped back up on the scene as a huge trend. The high-rise and wide leg feels so fresh and modern, especially paired with the pale pink crop top and a statement necklace. I would wear this to both the office and at night out to dinner – talk about versatile!

The next item is the perforated midi skirt. I’ve been admiring a designer version of this skirt that’s way out of my budget. This one from BELLE + SKY is only $19.99! I’m wearing the size Small and it fits perfectly – plenty of room and the dual length (shorter underneath) is so much fun for a night out paired with my favorite leather jacket.

I also can’t go without mentioning the BELLE + SKY jeans below. One of the best pairs of skinny jeans under $30 that I’ve ever tried on, I’ll be wearing them on the blog soon!

Even more BELLE + SKY favorites below - have you tried this clothing line yet?

Under $60: Belle + Sky clothing line

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