Today's Everyday Fashion: Denim Shopping

Hands down, the hardest thing to shop for? The perfect pair of jeans! I swear it's like a needle in a haystack. My favorite pair of simple dark skinnies are starting to fall apart, and even though I've been looking for a replacement pair for over a year, I keep striking out! (Grr.) Here are a few pairs I ordered online as my hunt continues.

Express jeans, $30 (with a coupon)

The color of this pair looked way better (darker) online. I also ordered a 2S (short), and I can see the that although they technically hit my ankles, the proportions are all wrong - I think the back pockets look squatty on me (I'm 5'7"). Verdict: pass.

Kensie / Lord & Taylor, $55 (with coupon)

I had so much hope for these, I ordered them in 2 sizes. They look great from the front, but the back pockets are all wrong on me (too far apart). I've never tried this brand, but it seems I am also annoyingly between sizes. The 26 is a bit tight, and the 27 (pictured) sag in the crotch as I walk because they are loose and won't stay up. Verdict: pass.

Express jeans, $30 (with coupon)

Flares are back! These are my favorite. The fabric is bit stretchier than I imagined, but I love the color and the fit. Flares aren't as practical as skinnies since you can only wear them with heels or flats and not both (this pair will require heels on me), but I can't help but love 'em. Verdict: most likely keep.

I'm still on the hunt for dark skinnies... I rounded up some options below. I want to try on the bottom right pair (at AE), and several of these are on sale at Amazon so I may give them a try. What are your favorite brands or stores for the perfect pair of jeans?

Mavi  /  7 For All Mankind  /  Yummie  /  Blank  /  KUT
It Collective  /  Mavi  /  Dittos  /  Hudson  /  AE