Today's Everyday Fashion: The Little White Dress

BCBG fitting room - J's Everyday Fashion

One  /  Two  /  Three

I just love a little white dress. There's something so crisp about them and you can layer casual styles with a denim or army jacket for spring. Since I'm such a huge fan, I'd really like to wear one for our upcoming rehearsal dinner. Question of the day though - when they are covered in lace, where can one wear them other than as the bride? (As a wedding guest is definitely out... ) 

In the photos above you'll see 3 options I tried on at BCBG this week. JJ likes #2, and I like #1 the best, followed closely by #3. I'm also thinking about this very similar BCBG you can rent for $45. I love #1 enough to own it, but at the same time I keep coming back to when I would wear it again so it seems like a splurge.

(ps.  If you buy from BCBG be sure to sign up for email first and they will send you a 15% off coupon.)

Below are some budget-friendly options I rounded up for LWD lovers everywhere (brides and non-brides, everyone is invited). I'm swooning over the romper, top left, so that one is a lead contender, too. Which LWD would you choose?

Rehearsal dinner / LWD  - on a budget