Today's Everyday Fashion: Milly for Kohl's

I love Milly, but at $500 for one skirt, it's a brand that's not usually within my budget. That's why I was beyond excited to hear about the Milly collaboration with Kohl's. They asked if I'd review some pieces and I couldn't say "yes" fast enough! Overall, I give this collaboration high marks. The prints are beyond good and the fabrics did not disappoint in person. The three dresses and the skirt I tried all have a "scuba" or neoprene quality which I like because they are thick and don't look cheap. And everything is true to Kohl's value at under $85! Here's my full review.

Dress, $68

This print is so cute! If you don't like this shape, it also comes in a pencil skirt, pants, and a sleeveless dress. The fit is true to size and the fabrics is nice and thick thanks to the neoprene material.

Dress, $68

Lemons! I love it. I pictured this dress as cotton for some reason, but it's neoprene like the other dresses. This one fit me the best - perfect right off the rack. Runs true to the size chart.

Dress, $68

Another amazing print - if you look closely it consists of little blue and white striped umbrellas, so fun! This dress is the same size as the lemons dress but it's a bit baggy above my bum and would need alterations in the back. I just love this print though!! Also comes in a pencil skirt.

Skirt, $50

This print is my favorite! I should have ordered a size down in this skirt though, because it doesn't quite fit. I love the midi length, so I'm thinking about ordering a different size or one of the dress versions of this print (here and here). 

Lemon tee, $40

More lemons! This top has clear sequins on it - I think I'd like it better without the sequins but it's still an adorable print. I really want to try the "Capri" graphic tee below, too! 

Verdict: the Milly line for Kohl's is really adorable. It's going to be a tough call deciding what to keep and what else to order. Which ones are your favorite / what would you keep?

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