Top 8 Reasons Cruises Make Good Honeymoons

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

If you’re like us, you love to travel and could imagine yourself going just about anywhere for your honeymoon. What made us choose a Carnival cruise, then, for this milestone vacation? Here are 8 reasons why we think cruises make great honeymoons!

1.     Included room service.

In case you want to hole up in your room for days on end and never leave, you totally can. The room service food and delivery is free (gratuity is recommended) and it’s available 24/7!

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

2.     See the world from your room.

Both pictures above were taken from the balcony…. in our room! You can literally watch the scenery change as the ship moves, while you stay stationary in the comfort of your own room. Or if you opt for a room without a balcony or window, then you can think of your room as a moving hotel. You get to see different cities and islands, all while staying in the same place!

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

3. No cell phones.

Carnival offers Wi-Fi on board, however, a ship out at sea is a mostly “unplugged” kind of a vacation. For busy entrepreneurs like ourselves, a cruise is an amazing way to unplug, unwind and give each other our 100% undivided attention.

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

4. Dinner dates, made easy.

There’s no need to do the following on your honeymoon: decide when or where you’re going to eat dinner, make a reservation, budget extra money for food, or even pull out your wallet to pay for dinner. It’s all included in your cruise. It’s super easy to have a delicious sit-down meal, every night of your trip!

5. Two words: couples massage.

On the first day of our cruise, we headed to the Cloud 9 Spa for an hour-long couple’s massage. It was relaxing, rejuvenating and such a fun experience to be able to do together. The perfect honeymoon kick-off! (Note: there is an additional cost for Spa services.)

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

6. Tons of date night ideas.

Sometimes you’re so relaxed on your vacation that you don’t want to plan activities or find things to do, so you wind up sitting in your hotel room all night (it’s happened to us). With a cruise comes an action-packed itinerary including comedy shows, magic shows, live theater, and daily movies on the big screen – there’s always something to do together, it's easy, and it’s all included!

7.     Professional photos.

Have you ever gone on a trip, only to return without a single photo of the two of you together? We have, which is why the professional photographers on-board Carnival cruises are pretty great. They snap pictures of you throughout the day as you depart the ship and during dinner, but they also set up mini “studios” with fun backdrops. Having your photo taken is free – then you can decide if you’d like to purchase any printed images and what size. It’s the perfect way to solve the “we really were there together but don’t have photographic evidence” dilemma.

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

8. Carnival celebrates with you.

Carnival loves honeymooners. (You can even get married in the chapel on board!) We met lots of other couples on their honeymoon, and Carnival sings “happy honeymoon to you” at dinner. We felt the celebratory spirit everywhere we went – these are the “Fun ships” after all!

Our Honeymoon Alaska Cruise

We loved our Carnival honeymoon! Where would you/did you go on your honeymoon?  

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