Today's Everyday Fashion: Look for Less




You guys might recognize the white dress from this post - where I considered buying it for our wedding rehearsal dinner! I didn't wind up getting the "splurge" version because of cost, but if the "steal" version had been available at the time I would've snapped it up right away! 

Both of these dresses were borrowed from E's Closet for this post, and I earn a commission on these dresses (I don't usually do commission outside of Stella & Dot). I'm wearing a Size S (the samples they used for their photo shoot) but I felt like both were a little too small on me, so I would size up to a M. I haven't seen the purple "splurge" dress in person, but I can compare the white. The material is not exactly the same (it's a softer, more subtle lace in the "steal" version), but the design is beautiful and it definitely looks like it cost way more than $50! I'm thinking about wearing it for an upcoming event, depending on how the M fits. 

Which dress do you like more?