Today's Everyday Fashion: Ode to Summer

Tiny pineapple from our backyard

Summer... I just can't quit you. I like other seasons: during fall I'm having fun reminiscing about summer, during winter I'm craving summer and then spring is a lovely prelude to summer. This summer was particularly good. We had way too much fun hosting more pool parties than I can count, a couple trips to the beach, and enjoyed the backyard. For our "fiesta" themed pool party last weekend, we made pina coladas and a taco bar, and JJ brought me the cutest surprise - two tiny pineapples he found in our yard! (We used them for decor and haven't attempted to eat them yet, although we did have some home grown strawberry guava.) 

Another great memory from this summer was our mini-vacay to St. Pete two weekends ago. Check out our photos below (some were previously posted on Instagram and others are new). I'll be relishing these last few weeks of summer and I'm already looking forward to next year!