My Clothing Budget Update

My Clothing Budget

This is everything I bought with my clothing budget, since my last budget post on May 5th! That was almost exactly 4 months ago, so I averaged 5.25 items and $154 per month. A good majority of the items in my last budget post were from J.Crew Factory. I branched out a bit more this time, trying out several trendy stores I don't shop at as much - Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Boohoo - as well as returning to old favorites Banana Republic, Limited and H&M.  

1. H&M top, $25
2. H&M skirt, $30
3. Dolce Vita shoes, $50
4. H&M necklace, $18 (similar)
5. H&M top, $30 (similar, similar)

6. Banana tank, $12
7. Banana skirt, $35
8. UO tee, $24
9. H&M hat, $30
10. J.Crew Factory shorts, $23
11. Limited tee, $23
12. Limited belt, $15 (similarsimilar)
13. Limited shorts, $19

14. Marshall's dress, $20 (similar, similar)
15. J.Crew Factory sweater, $35
16. Forever 21 dress, $25 (similar)
17. ASOS top, $57 

18. H&M Skirt, $50
19. Boohoo cover up, $26
20. J.Crew Factory shorts, $30
21. H&M romper, $40

My clothing budget is $250 per month, but I've been conservative and saving up this summer so I can buy some pricier items for fall like a handbag and jeans. (I treat my budget like an allowance and at the start of each month I deposit $250 into an "account" and then spend as I go. See the graph below for details on this year so far.)

Clothing budget

My budget posts do not include Stella & Dot items (I'm a 1099 with that company and earn products and discounts), as well as any free items I get from working in the fashion industry. The items in this post are solely things that I purchase, that fall into the "clothing" category of my budget. The idea isn't necessarily to show or recommend what you should buy or not buy (that really depends on your job, climate, and lifestyle) but rather just sharing my love for setting and sticking to a clothing budget. I've had the same budget since 2007 and it helps so much with purchasing decisions, as well as not feeling guilty for spending money on clothes. For more details on why and how to set one, see "How to Set a Clothing Budget." 

Do you have a clothing budget? Why or why not?