Today's Everyday Fashion: Vulnerability

Faux fur collar, camel poncho, ivory jeans
Faux fur collar, camel poncho, ivory jeans
Faux fur collar, camel poncho, ivory jeans

Vulnerability: it might be a little unusual, but it's what inspired me to start a blog more than anything else. I pictured an online style magazine full of what I call "messy house friends." Our walls down, without pretenses, sharing our fashion fails and struggles. I took photos in my room not of what I wore, but everything I tried on! Over the last 5.5 years that has changed at a snail's pace into today's version where we're doing full photo shoots outside with results that aren't nearly as "messy house" (although I still refuse to Photoshop or portray anything untruthfully). Being perfect all the time has never appealed to me and I've been missing that gritty kind of vulnerability lately. But it hit me yesterday - this new format may be even more vulnerable? Because unlike when I was sharing anything and everything, now I'm choosing something specific and doing what I call "peacock-ing." Standing by these outfits so strongly that I'm willing to put time and effort into presenting them this way... which can be way more scary. Take today's outfit - this sweater doesn't look as good in pictures as it did in the mirror and I was disappointed. If it's a real life decision to wear it, then I was comfy and happy and I'm definitely not trying impress anyone so it's not a problem. But I was feeling the pressure of "is this good enough for peacock-ing"? Vulnerability, as it turns out, comes in many different shapes and sizes.

Sweater: H&M, $30 (similar below)
Jeans: Limited, $37 (similar)
Boots: Chinese Laundry c/o (similar, similar, similar)
Faux fur collar: H&M, $15 (similarsimilarsimilar)
Purse: Michael Kors/Macy's, $220
Earrings: Kate Spade outlet, $15 (same)
Approx. dates: Boots, faux fur collar and jeans are 3 years ago. Sweater is 1 year ago. Purse is recent.

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