A Watch So Smart It's Genius: Huawei Watch


It looks like a regular watch: it’s sleek, stylish and the perfect finishing touch with a sporty outfit I wore for sightseeing in New Orleans a couple weeks ago. Running around town in my sneakers and turtleneck, it also felt like a regular watch. That is, until my phone would ring and it would start to buzz, allowing me to swipe the screen and answer the call right there from my wrist. Or I would say “OK Google” and it would help us navigate back to our hotel. You could call this Huawei Watch a smart-watch, but it really is genius!

It’s both Android and iOS compatible, and at a great price point - the model I’m wearing usually retails for $252.99. For that price you basically get 40 watches in one, since it comes with 40 options for faces pre-programmed, and you could swap out different bands (leather, mesh, etc.) to change the look as well. It makes such a great gift, especially with the holidays coming up. Now the hubs and I can finally put an end to the debate over a smart watch for function vs. a traditional watch for style, since a Huawei Watch gives you both.

My mind is pretty blown with this watch. Huawei is a very well-known brand overseas (their smart-phones are hugely popular in China), and this watch has thousands of reviews and very high ratings on Amazon. It just might be best looking affordable smart-watch on the market – perfect for the fashion forward, tech savvy person in your life. If you’re interested in checking it out, don’t miss their Black Friday deals here and here!


[some pics of New Orleans, shot by my husband]


Today’s post is brought to you by Huawei. All images, editorial decisions, and opinions are solely my own.